Our Journey

Onward Homes (formerly known as Symphony Housing Group) is made up of five social housing, development and property management organisations operating in a federated structure.

In April 2017, we brought the Group together under the Onward brand to signal our intention to increase our impact and to make a greater contribution than we’ve ever been able to do while operating as separate organisations.

We established a Common Board (where the same group of people are board members of several organisations) to unite Contour Homes, Hyndburn Homes, Liverpool Housing Trust, Peak Valley Housing Association, and Ribble Valley Homes. The Boards of Hyndburn Homes and Ribble Valley Homes remain separate from the Common Board and will continue to be responsible for their organisations.

At the same time, we also brought the management team together into one team.

We intend to finalise our proposals for the legal amalgamation of our member organisations in 2017, when the separate legal entities become one single organisation.

We’re now consulting all customers regarding our plans to amalgamate, and we are seeking the agreement of relevant local authorities and our funders. Until all of these agreements are in place, the individual member organisations will retain their separate legal identities.

For customers, this means there will be very little change as they will continue to receive services from our member organisations.

By working more closely together, we’re able to call upon our combined financial strength and are looking for opportunities to make a greater contribution to the sustainable regeneration of communities across the North West.


Onward is governed by its board and executive team.

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On 2nd May 2017, Symphony Housing Group legally changed its name to Onward Homes, establishing a Common Board to unite…

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Value for Money (VfM)

“Making the most efficient use of our assets and resources to deliver high quality services that successfully meet customer needs…

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