Onward Homes moves closer to creating one organisation

Onward Homes has moved a step closer in its journey to form one organisation.

Onward Homes (formerly Symphony Housing) consists of 5 subsidiaries, Contour Homes, Liverpool Housing Trust, Ribble Valley Homes, Hyndburn Homes and Peak Valley HA, which are now working together under the Onward Homes brand.

The group has begun the formal process to move from a federated structure into one organisation in 2018.

Bronwen Rapley, CEO on Onward Homes, said, “The federated structure creates a challenging environment for everyone. People have found it difficult to get decisions made due to separated control and accountability in a complex governance structure. Onward Homes is moving forward with a clear structure, a shared purpose, clear values and strong leadership.”

The streamlined structure will allow the organisation to operate more efficiently so that it can spend more on homes and frontline services for customers; delivering services tailored to neighbourhoods for the benefit of local communities. None of the changes will affect tenants’ security or rent.

Consultation with residents and stakeholders will start in November giving customers a voice in shaping future working practice and Bronwen adds that “Initial feedback is all very positive.”