Simplifying Onward Homes

Onward Homes is proposing to simplify the structure of the organisation and its systems and processes for customers. To help us decide, we have now begun a formal six week consultation period to seek our customers’ views.

The proposal would mean that Contour Homes, Hyndburn Homes, Liverpool Housing Trust, Peak Valley Housing Association and Ribble Valley Homes would become one organisation, Onward.

If the changes go ahead, all tenants and leaseholders would automatically become tenants and leaseholders of Onward with the same rights and responsibilities. There would be no changes to your tenancy or lease, or to the services that you currently receive.

A single organisation would allow us to:

  • Deliver services more efficiently
  • Improve our focus on and investment in each neighbourhood
  • Make key decisions quickly and easily
  • Make significant cost savings, which would be invested into our homes and neighbourhoods
  • Invest in technology to make it easier for you to access our services
  • Build up to 1,600 new homes across the North West

All tenants and leaseholders in the Group’s 35,000 homes have been sent a letter asking for their feedback on the proposal to amalgamate the Group’s five organisations into one single legal entity called Onward Homes.

The letter also includes a leaflet with more information.

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Customers are invited to give their feedback by 15 December 2017 to or on 0151 482 2275